Quote of the week

Let's try something new today (might not be last time). We all know that the score is just as important for a movie as are the actors and their lines, sometimes even more important.
We have our favorite songs and maybe don't even know they are from a movie.

I love this movie, I love the book, but I loved the song by Art Garfunkel first. And I have to admit I still get tears in my ears watching, ready, listening ... for different reasons.
I hope you'll enjoy as much as me.

Watership Down, UK, 1978

P.S. Blackie, you were a great Mom.


  1. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the film/book/music too.

  2. I agree the score of a film is so often overlooked. Love the the clip. I've never seen this before, thank you for sharing it. <3