Quote of the week

If you like beautiful scenery, fine English humor (and Burt Lancaster ;-)), you should not miss this movie. A big oil magnate sends one of his people from the US over to Scotland to buy an entire village, so he can build a refinery there. Things do not quite go the way they are planned.

I chose following scene (maybe because old malt whisky sounds appealing right now) - Urquhart, the village's hotel owner and accountant offers MacIntyre (sent to Scotland by oil magnate Happer because of his Scottish name although he is actually of Hungarian descent) a drink.

Urquhart: I want you to try something. This is the MacGaskell. A pure malt whisky. 42 years old.
MacIntyre: Old enough to be out of its own.

Then he tells MacIntyre that they have to talk - about money ...

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