Quote of the week

Today's quote is from an utterly romantic and magic movie ... sounds cheesy? Maybe, but it isn't. This movie has it all, a fairy tale script (without a happy ending which actually wouldn't have worked), a beautiful city, a bit of action, gelato and some wonderful actors.
The stars are Gregory Peck (they don't make men like that anymore) and Audrey Hepburn (in her first big Hollywood movie) and we are in Bella Rom.
Hepburn is Princess Ann who is travelling through Europe's capitals. She's tired of her duties and just once she wants to be able to do whatever she feels like. She escapes into town, but being under influence of a sedative she falls asleep on a bench where she is found by Peck as Joe Bradley - a newspaper reporter. He takes her home with him, not knowing she's a princess, but he's soon to find out ...

Princess Ann (when entering Joe's apartment in her drowsy state): Is this the elevator?
Joe Bradley: It's my ROOM!

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  1. i loooove that movie
    and i loooove audrey hepburn
    makes me want to download some more of her movies again :D xx