Raiders of the lost stash

I'm getting old rapidly. Hurting here and there, brain cells diminishing by the minute and let's not even talk about the urge to tell young people how much better the old times were when we still had winters with 10 feet of snow for three months and ate cake made from water and sand because we didn't have eggs and flour. It's what time does with you, I guess. Sometimes at least. I'm not sure, I just lost another brain cell, you know.

And still there is a little adventurous mood left in this old body. Follow me if you are game. We might encounter cobwebs and wild beasts with big fangs and sharp claws. We'll dive into depths man hasn't seen for, well, months. The treasure waiting for us at the end of the road will be worth it, though.
Can you see it? Purple, brown, green, red, black and white!
Yup, I found beads and pearls in my travel bag that I had totally forgotten about. It's nice to find stuff. Next I'll go through my books hoping for some nice crisp banknotes.

Of course I had to make something from this treasure before my memory goes down the drain even more and I forget about it again! Don't worry, the beads are not in the travel bag anymore, so that's progress ;-)
So here it is, a beautiful pearl surrounded by red carnelian, now in my Zibbet shop.

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