Mabel is exploring her romantic streak

A few weeks ago I was given a DVD to watch, Victoria & Albert. I guess it woke the romantic in Mabel (before I get asked, no, I did not watch the Royal Wedding).

It started out with a seed bead destash lot I had gotten a while ago. Sometimes it does have something calming to put seed beads on a wire, hundreds, thousands of them. Actually it always takes me back to a certain day in my early teenagehood - when we met at a friend's house to put together a self-made "journal", a project in my German class. Our journal was about animals. It might have been a real market niche then, hadn't we "stolen" the articles from all kinds of other publications. Don't get me wrong, we were not supposed to write the articles ourselves, we probably would have needed a year for that. I still have it, by the way. I got it because I wrote all the articles by hand and because my brother contributed that cool article about the sharks. Anyway, I remember that when we were brainstorming that day, I was putting together a looooong seed bead necklace.

Sorry, I'm back from the land of memories now, now we can get back to nostalgia and romantic muses ;-)

Here are two pieces Mabel made me crochet (the links underneath the pictures lead to the listings). Of course I had seen designs like them before, but somehow I never tried it myself. I still got more of those seed beads you know. I wonder what they'll end up in.

Old blue lace (with blue goldstone)

Old yellow lace (with tiger eye)

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