Quote of the week

Did you know that on Tuesday there's the International Monty Python Status Day on Facebook? Think of one of your favorite quotes and use it for your status.
Oh come on now, really? I can post just one lousy quote of the hundreds I so love?
Lately people have been telling me they can't deal with the British humor. That's alright with me, there are things I can't deal with which a lot of people love. I however can't help myself.

And to be truly honest with you, it's not hard at all to choose my favorite Monty Python quote. Actually it's a bunch of sketches belonging together, but one recurring sentence from them has become infamous. Any idea? No? You don't want me to fetch the comfy chair and poke you with the soft cushions, do you??
Now did THAT give it away?
You didn't expect it? Well, we know that ...

... nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!


  1. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

    and Boooooo to all your friends who can't handle British humour!! ;)

  2. Hard to understand, isn't it? ;-)

  3. English humor is superior to any else. It's hard for people to admit that. I don't remember the Spanish Inquisition but find myself still singing the Lumberjack Song. Love your quote posts.

  4. Oh Sue, do check it out on YouTube, it's so hilarious!
    Ness, I gave a big Boooooo to my friends ;-)