This is not what you might be thinking of now. No online fraud, my bank card did not get stuck in the cash machine and I got the right change at checkout in the supermarket.
No, even if it's hard to admit - I'm the fraud.

Maybe you wonder why you didn't hear about my kitties for a while. Ponder has his own blog now and there he's telling it like it is. Before he's giving Esme the chance to call me out over there, though ... well, I decided I had to do it myself. Here's the photo that could ruin my reputation.
Esme claims I rented the place out as a two bedroom flat. And she was not happy with her bedroom. Mainly because there was no bed there, just a floor. With carpet, but not by far as nice as her brother's bedroom, a nice old big office chair with a clean blanket ... with kitties on it!!

So I guess I'll just apologize officially to Esme. I know she will keep me under surveillance very closely for a long time now.
Wish me luck.


  1. Ha ha ha Esme will have to be quick so she can claim ownership of the chair!! Watch out Ponder! Great post!

  2. We are all in great debt to cats everywhere; every time one runs over a computer keyboard - another Icelandic volcano is named LOL