Interview with the artist - Adrienne from Dancing Rainbows

I wish I had some sun here today. Sun is what makes Adrienne's rainbows dance, but I will let her tell you all about that herself.

Tell us a little about who you are and where you come from.

Hi, I'm Adrienne.  I am the owner/operator and creator of "DANCING RAINBOWS" and have been a member of the Zibbet marketplace since 2009. DancingRainbows  My shop is Dancing Rainbows. 
I was raised in the military.  For the first 17 years of my life, “Home” was my Dad’s next assignment. I was born in Birmingham, Alabama and, with my older sister, moved almost every three years. By the time my Dad retired from the Air Force, I had enrolled in nine different schools including three High Schools, graduating in Tucson, Arizona.  When my parents said they were purchasing a home, I thought they were just kidding me. I loved moving which meant a new adventure.  I have always considered myself very fortunate to have been stationed in England and Taiwan, S. Carolina, Massachusetts, Georgia and finally in Arizona.

What's your craft and how did you get to do it in the first place?
I create “sparkling” sun-catchers using primarily Swarovski crystals. Dancing Rainbows also offers jewelry...necklaces, earrings,  purse jewelry, zipper pulls and cell phone jewelry.  
Endless rainbow
I was always captivated by light refraction. When I was little, I remember loving to play with puddles in the road; it was even better if there was a little bit of oil in the puddle. The puddle would have the prettiest rainbows created by the oil.

My husband’s mother had the most exquisite almond shaped crystal hanging in their window.   Seeing the rainbows dancing around the room when the sun hit the crystal was mesmerizing.  Years later, that same crystal now hangs in our window and I fondly smile every time I see it.  Wanting to share the beauty I would see from the prisms, I opened Dancing Rainbows.
My jewelry line started because I saw a necklace I really liked. I knew it was created with Swarovski crystals and I liked the basic design. Once I created my own version, I began receiving requests and decided to incorporate jewelry into my shop.

Peacock blue necklace

Tell us a fun thing about yourself.
I was in Community Theatre for a number of years. I'm pretty good at imitations, funny faces and animal sounds. I'm what you might term an "animated" person and frequently end up the entertainment at a gathering.

Do you do other crafts, if yes, what?
I don't mind trying just about anything. I sewed many of my own clothes when I was in my 20's . I also enjoy needle work such as crewel, counted cross-stitch and working with plastic canvas. I love painting with oils and watercolors and drawing with charcoal. It doesn't really matter, I love all crafts. One of my other passions is photography. I love capturing the nature's beauty.

Which one of your pieces is your absolute favorite? Which one was the hardest to make and why?
Now this is extremely hard. As far as the hardest, the circle ones are the hardest. I can't pick a favorite...they all are. I can't say I'm partial to one style or color. 
Sun flower

Your business name already tells us that you work with lots of colors. Do you have a favorite color?
Yes, all of them!!
Tie dye

Is there someone whom you admire and who inspires you?
Yes, my parents.
My Dad…the ultimate “nice” guy. When my friends would come over to the house, they would end up talking with him. He was always the diplomat. I lost him at the end of 2010, a month shy of his 90th birthday. Up until the very end, he had such optimism, courage and strength. He refused to give up. He taught me respect, tolerance, acceptance, that character matters and how to stay positive in the face of adversity.
My Mom. Independent, smart…tough. She was an English teacher. No matter where we were, she was the Brownie and Girl Scout leader. She taught the Vacation Bible School. She has taught me to appreciate the beauty of Nature and to take care of it. Whether it was the baby bird we spent hours trying to put back into the nest or the plant that needed extra TLC, she’s always made sure I understood how important Nature was. At 92 she still continues to teach and amaze me. From her I have learned grace, kindness, strength when everything is falling apart and to never compromise your principles.

If you had free choice of one supply you need for your work, no matter how expensive, what would it be?
I would definitely have to say Swarovski crystals...anything that sparkles!!

Ocean pastels

Do you sell online, if yes, where can we find you?

I also have a photography shop at Treasures from Nature on Zibbet and you can find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google Plus.

Famous last words ;-) Is there anything else you want to tell us?
I love custom orders and collaborating with a customer. The more a customer can share, the better. After all, it has to be “just right”. Nothing less will do. I'm just trying to decorate the world...one sun catcher at a time.

Thank you, Adrienne! Wait ... do I see the sun come out back there? Hand me one of those suncatchers!


  1. Too lazy to read the whole interview, just wanted to say I love the Sun flower :)

    1. Ponder will come by and read it to you! ;-)

  2. Adrienne is an asset to the online community and I am grateful that she is a friend!♥

  3. Very nice interview. I love learning more about my favorite Zibbet peeps!

  4. Catrin...thank you so very, very much for sharing your blog to feature me. And, thank you all for the sweet compliments ♥ ... I'm honored!!

  5. Very nice!!! Love it!

  6. Love it! Enjoyed so much and your work is just beautiful!!!

  7. Excellent interview! I love that last sun catcher, Adrienne. The colors are so tranquil.

  8. Thank you everyone for such nice compliments. Thank you again Catrin for the Interview opportunity ♥

  9. What a great interview, Adrienne! I had no idea you were a military brat, too. My dad was career Air Force. It was so nice learning a little more about the fantastic lady I've come to know and love on Zibbet!

  10. Thank you all for reading and commenting and you are most welcome, Adrienne!