Bead soup and other disappointments of life

More time, more time ... my kingdom for more time! I'm so behind in telling you important things. Like what, you ask? Like the rain cloud I made (without dancing!), like the fact that my photo project came to a temporary stop, like what my vacation was like and and and ...

To make you see that it's actually not my fault, I'll tell you a little story.
One of my top priorities at the moment after work is pampering myself. That can be anything, a DVD, a new design idea, a long nap, a book, calling somebody, I just need that right now. And nowadays it can also be working on a loomed piece. I hear some people laughing who know what a big fight I put up to not get dragged into the bead net, well, yeah, I'm a weakling. There, I said it.

The cuff I'm working on at the moment only has two colors, and I'm not sure if I'll have enough beads. Of course I can buy more, but not around the corner and you know how it is, you don't want to wait for your beads or drive to Greenland for them. So you concentrate on believing that the number will be just right - as long as you don't lose any of the beads. You don't want to end up like with a puzzle that is missing one of its pieces.
I concentrated so hard that parts of my brain started smoking, so I can't be sure how it happened. One minute I was on my bed cross-legged looming along, the next minute I had beads all over the place. I was so shocked I forgot to take a picture, but look at this one, those things are really tiny! (Yes, they really are. This IS a macro! Do I have to explain everything? :-P)

Under surveillance of three interested cats I started picking up beads. They were everywhere and even had made their way under the pillows. Finally I figured I had found them all.

Let's now jump ahead to actual bedtime. I slept a few, but not enough, hours, then I woke up, played and snuggled with the cats (what else is there to do at 2 am?) and went to bed an hour later to give sleep one more shot. When another hour later I finally felt I was drifting off, I could feel something under my fingers. A bead! I blame it on my weary mind that I was convinced the world was doomed if I didn't hold on to this bead. We are not talking a one carat diamond here, we are talking a tiny glass bead. So I held it between two fingers and fell asleep. After a weird dream and about 25 minutes later I was woken up again and imagine my still dizzy brain's joy when I found I was still holding the holy bead!
I sat up and gathered my senses to have a look.
Guess what! It was a crumb from the cat kibbles!!!

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