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Are you ready for another trip into the past?
Maybe you remember that I am an X-Files fan, but today's quote is not from the series. Before there were the X-Files (and David Duchovny *happy sigh*), there was another investigator in the realm of weird, someone who believed in ghosts, aliens, Bigfoot and retainers that can make you hear dogs' thoughts. He was a kid named Marshall Teller, and he and his sidekick Simon lived in Eerie, Indiana - the sister city of Normal, Illinois.
Of course there were not the big special effects then, but it was a really fun series with lots of known actors, too. One day when I grow up I want to live there, in the center of weirdness ;-)

Today's quote is chosen in honor of my cats. I'm quite sure they keep thinking the same, even they want the whole world.
It's from the episode "The retainer".

Poodle (speaking with French accent): As soon as we solve the mystery of the door knob, Eerie is ours!

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