Quote of the week

For my birthday I got a bunch of DVDs, some of them from the Cary Grant collection (yup, there he is again). Inspired by a black mini panther sticking to me at the moment, I chose the following quote for today.

David: I want thirty pounds of sirloin steak, please.
Butcher: Did you say 'thirty pounds'?
David: Yes, that's right. Thirty pounds.
Butcher: How will you have it cut?
David: Oh, just in one piece.
Butcher: Are you gonna roast it or broil it?
David: Neither, it's gonna be eaten raw.

For those who wonder now, the meat is for Baby, and for those who don't know Baby ... he's a three year old leopard from Brazil and in this movie he gives Cary Grant (aka David) and Katherine Hepburn (aka Susan) quite a bit of trouble! ;-)

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