Sun and moon

I have a secret drawer. Sometimes I store things in there for a bit until I find time and energy to take pictures for example. And sometimes I forget I stored things in there. Then I'm in for a surprise, just like yesterday.
When I opened it, a necklace came out. It had been a spontaneous in between project which maybe is the reason why I forgot it. Maybe the reason is that someone stole my brain. I should check for Zombies again. Wait, I think I can hear one!
*elevator music*
Ok, that was false alarm. It was just Greebo snoring somewhere behind me. He's not interested in my brain.
Back to the archeological find. This is it, one of my tube ropes with a pendant.

I had bought that moonstone cab such a long time ago, but it's not very big and therefore it was a little challenging to make a bezel for it. The gunmetal bezel alone made it look dark, so I added the golden wire.
When I was done, the irony wasn't lost on me. The pendant now reminded me of a sunflower with the gunmetal and the gold color, but in the middle was a moonstone! Maybe that's just me, though. Maybe others see something totally different in it, who knows?

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  1. Cat....i'm getting a Van Gogh feel from it ...like a cross between Starry Nights and Sunflowers! I love it!