Office chairs, a pillow, cucumber and icicles

Yesterday was ... well, interesting.
I left early from work, took a little break sitting in my favorite spot on the bench on the way home to read in the sun and then ...

... who would leave two fine office chairs at a street corner? And in the street, too. They just stood there and waited. Maybe it was an offer to sit down? Or maybe they waited to be used in some kind of street chair race? It would have had to go uphill, though, it's a one-way street in that direction.

While I still wondered about that, I stumbled on the slice of cucumber. A little dried around the edges it lay there in the street. Had it just fallen off a sandwich? Just one lonely cucumber slice? It may seem weird to you, but in my mind I try to think of possible stories around something like that, and I see somebody eating a cheese sandwich without that bit of vitamin. Isn't that sad?

If you think you've heard the best already, you are wrong. Because that was when I came round the corner and saw the pillow. A not so small colorful pillow lying in the middle of the pavement, still wrapped up in plastic. Was this Candid Camera or something?? I picked it up and found an address on the plastic. It wasn't far from where I was, so I decided to take it there.
Don't you love corner houses? No matter what I do, I always go to the wrong side first and then have to go all the way back to find the door. I rang the bell, but there was no answer. Luckily a neighbor just pulled up with her car full of groceries and looked a little confused first at me, then at the pillow. I told her I had found it and wanted to drop it off and she told me "she's probably sleeping". Shoot, I really thought this time I'd find out the story. Had she picked it up from the post office and lost it while riding her bike? Why didn't she trace her way back, it wasn't that far? Or did the parcel guy lose it on the way? Why was she sleeping at 2 pm? Working a night shift or just taking a nap?
Questions, questions, questions!

I finally made it home, ready to confront the next question in my brain - what to make for the Starving Artist Team's May challenge? The challenge was to be inspired by a picture.
Suddenly it came to me. It was so hot ... cold ... winter ... ice ... icicles ... dingdingding!
A least one question was answered today.
This is the picture that inspired me.

And this is what I made from this inspiration. It's an icicle pendant with lots of clear sparkly Swarovski crystals.
Mission accomplished!

P.S. I still wonder about the cucumber ....

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