Another bead soup story

"Bead soup doesn't scare me." I wrote that in the post about the winter comet ornament in my advent calendar.
Not even if it's ten years old, actually probably even older because I mixed it in my early bead looming days,
for a project that never happened.
Every, now and then I picked beads from it, for the winter comet and for a pair of white elephant earrings, for example.

It was time to empty that little tin and I did it.
I had already had the plan to try out folded peyote earrings in a bead soup and a smaller size than the last ones, and I managed to use up the whole soup with the addition of a few more of the silver lined crystal beads.
I made four folded peyote components in two different sizes and turned one pair into earrings by hanging them from little beaded hearts.

Then I started playing with the second pair. I thought I could do something new with them (new to me, just because I haven't seen it doesn't mean it doesn't exist). After breaking off a few end beads I could join the two components with beads and turn it into a folded peyote diamond.
Now what?
Well, in the same tin there was a little spike thingy with crystals that I improvised a few months ago and had just turned into a dangle with some crystal rondelles a few days before.
I attached it to the diamond and actually like it. It has a kind of archaic fantasy look to me now. What do you see in it?


  1. I love these! They are both so pretty. The diamond with its icy spike does seem like it ought to be a powerful object in a fantasy story, worn by a wizard princess. (Yeah, I have no idea what a wizard princess is. ūü§£)


    1. Thank you, Michelle!
      Nice idea (there was a YA movie on TV here the other day called "The witch princess", I didn't watch it, but it's the same direction, I guess?).
      My first idea was a High Priestess of an ancient religion. I think I still have "The Mists of Avalon" on my mind when I think of interesting "artefacts". Or maybe one reason was that the 80s "Robin Hood" show was running in the background which introduced magic into the old tale. I'm so easy to impress ūü§£