Erm, Happy New Year?

I know, I know, I'm a bit late. I can only hope you'll forgive me - happy New Year to all of you!
Have you already broken the first of your resolutions for 2024?
I haven't, but that's simply because I have given up on resolutions a long time ago. I don't like setting myself up for failure like that ;-)

It's hard enough for me to start into this year after my time off work. As usual when having more time to myself than just my weekends, I snapped right back into my normal rhythm, meaning staying awake into the wee hours of the morning, sleeping as long as the cats allowed me to, maybe going back to bed after their first, second, and third breakfasts - obviously they are hobbit cats - or having a glorious nap in the middle of the day. I only needed my alarm clock, so I would take out the trash out in time or for one of my rare morning appointments. It was a sad moment when I turned on the alarm clock on Sunday night before I had to start working again, and after more than a week I am still struggling with it.

Somehow that also put a bit of a damper on my creativity. That doesn't mean I haven't done anything this year yet.
A new little chicken, Friedrun, picked a nest for herself and her triplets Huey, Dewey, and Louie (yes, named after ducks).

Two bead embroidered autumn suns made me dig into my old stash once again, this time for the beautiful frosted carnelian beads.

Then, however, I started working again and, creatively seen, took a very easy way out by beading more folded peyote earrings in different color combinations. Actually, I surprised myself by having the patience for so many, but they were the perfect "background beading" (meaning I only had to concentrate on the colors, not so much on the technique which seems to have made its way into my brain at last) while I am contemplating my next big project for which I have an idea, but am still looking for the best way to do it.

There would even have been a blue version that had been suggested, but I didn't have enough blue beads left for a pair of earrings. I do have a lot of grey ...
What do you think, how many more folded peyote earrings will there be before my muse will finally give me that spark that I need to get started on the next biggie? ;-)


  1. Imo, you have been quite prolific for the first 16 days of the year. And unsurprisingly, I love all of these pieces. Friedrun is so cute! The Autumn Suns are stunning. And the folded peyote earrings are stunning in all the colors. No doubt they would be magnificent in blue as well.

    I hear you on reverting to your normal sleep habits while on vacation. With retirement, I have too. Mine is get up somewhere between 7 and 8:30, rest in the afternoon (sometimes a nap then), back up around 16:30 or 17:00 then awake until midnight or 1:00. Evenings have always been the time when I feel the best, most alert and creative. And 2nd shift was my best time to work. It’s been like this since I was a kid, and hasn’t changed.


    1. Today I worked on a custom order and I have to admit that I struggled a lot to finish it although - or maybe because? - it's a repeat design.
      I really need that spark! :-D

      It's funny, at work I always liked to start as early as possible (the ex was ready to get up when I was ready to go to sleep and as he gave me a ride in the mornings, I got used to it) and get home early, but it's not natural for me.