Nostalgia - Happy Birthday, Beatrix Potter!

Some years ago when I still did the "Finds of the week" posts, I had some called "I'm a collector" in which I shared vintage items. Over time my collections have mostly stopped growing due to different reasons, but they are still there and still loved. I also have vintage items, some inherited, some gifts, some from fleamarkets, some more interesting than others. So I thought it could be fun to share some of them every, now and then and tell their story.

1988, London.
Two young women and a five year old girl on a one week vacation - we had a wonderful time (if you don't count in the terrible hotel room, but we used to be a lot more tolerant at that age and the partial refund helped as well) and I fell in love with London although I am not usually a fan of big cities.

Now what does Beatrix Potter's birthday - she was born on July 28, 1866 - have to do with our London vacation 122 years later?
Well, among trips to parks, museums, and galleries we also hit the shops of course, and I couldn't resist bringing home a little bunny for my bunny collection.

"Benjamin Bunny sat on a bank" was inspired by Potter's "The Tale of Benjamin Bunny".

This little fellow is the first version of two manufactured by Beswick, he ran from 1983 to 1985 and differs from the second version by his head posture (he's looking up) and wearing a darker brown colored jacket.
He was modelled by David Lyttleton.
(Thank you to Beatrix Potter Figurines - A Definitive Guide!)
I still think he's very cute and it's really funny to me how vividly I remember the inside of the shop where I got him and a little address book.

Every time I look at him it takes me back to this London vacation.

Now you are in for a very rare treat, a picture of me from that trip (I hate my picture being taken!).


  1. What a sweet memory! And a sweet bunny. Your London trip sounds amazing! This photo of you with the squirrel is so cute. OMG! You have such beautiful hair. That said, while I don’t hate it, I’m not a fan of having my photo taken either. I tried to get past it with the fashion blog. I never did. In fact, it started getting worse. So I finally quit torturing myself.


    1. I have had a very strange longing for London ever since. London is speaking to me on so many levels, I wish I had seen more of it - and the UK in general, in fact.
      Thank you very much! My hair has always been the one thing I liked about myself. I have some new hair combs, so who knows, maybe I'll manage a photo eventually.
      I'm glad you found out for yourself what you are comfortable with and what not ♥