Moonlight ravens

I love pretty much all animals, but have always had an extra soft spot for black ones - and yes, der Dekan knows, but he has a healthy image of his gorgeousness, so he doesn't mind.
Ravens are among those black animals, and on a trip to London (too long ago), one of the highlights for me was visiting the Tower and seeing the famous ravens.

It's not the first time for me to put a raven into one of my designs. I gave my Poe pendant a raven charm I made from polymer clay, and I created a large raven necklace.
This time it's a pair of big bead embroidered earrings on stainless steel earwires.
These two ravens have already settled on their favorite branches for a good night's rest, full moon and stars above them.
I just can't resist a night scene!


  1. Absolutely magnificent! You excel at creating night scenes out of beads and the effect is incredible.

    1. Thank you, Michelle! I have fallen in love with black AB at the very beginning of working with beads, it's a color I can never run out of or the world is going to come apart!
      One of my first bracelets had a night scene and I truly am obsessed with them and the full moon.