Clumsy Saturday

It's one of those days. Actually, it has been one of those weeks. If this keeps going, I'll probably get eaten by my cats tomorrow.

That's why I can only share two pairs of earrings that I made this weekend. The third pair is unfinished yet because I cut my index finger like an idiot, and now I have to move my hand at an awkward angle if I try to bead which makes my wrist hurt which then makes my elbow hurt - long story cut short, I gave up for now.
It has been fun digging through my bead stash, I hadn't done that for a while. I think there will be more variations of these earrings once my finger is up to it again!


  1. I’m sorry about your finger! And I hear you about how such things can lead to a cascade of pain. Both pairs of earrings are beautiful! Your beading us exquisite, and the daggers and flowers make such pretty endings.

    1. I saw myself in a true crime episode, big red drops from my bedroom through the hallway to the kitchen (because that's where I noticed that blood was actually running down my hand) and on the bathroom. Der Dekan followed me everywhere, but did not get into a feeding frenzy, I'm glad to say *lol* I already heard the Jaws theme ...
      Thank you very much! You could make yourself some in purple ;-)