The lantern

About a month ago, I shared my handmade miniature ring binders with you and promised you to share a picture of the office in the lantern that I made them for, once it's done.
As I had mentioned, the lantern is a goodbye gift for a dear colleague working in the IT department which is why my friend had the idea for the miniature office.

She also had the idea to get the mini electronic devices - I doubt any of us three working on this collaboration would have come up with something handmade quickly, so they are store-bought - and felt in the color of the carpet at work, and my favorite, to turn a game token she ruthlessly stole from her mother into a desk lamp, an idea which got realized by her husband.
Then she made the small pad of sticky notes for the desk and added an extra big note as a reminder for an appointment.

Her husband who is a talented woodworker (I'm already looking forward to setting up the beautiful candle arch he made for me) took the wooden bars off the glass, so you can see the office well even with the door shut, then he made the amazing desk and wall shelf and added the LEDs.

You already know that I made the waste paper basket and the binders, then I put together a quick poster with an IT joke which my friend printed out and put on the "wall" with tape. Tape is omnipresent at work.
It's a little difficult to see from this view, but the two green items on the desk are fat little pencils that I made from a wooden shish kebab skewer and cut labels that I painted green to remind of a well-known German pencil manufacturer.

In this picture you can see the details a little better.

I can even imagine our co-worker being able to add more to this little office if she feels like it.
It was big fun, and if we had been able to get together to work on this, who knows what else we would have come up with? I think we make a pretty good team!

Last but not least here's a picture of the whole lantern.


  1. Having always had a fascinations with miniatures and all things tiny, I absolutely love this. What a great collaboration this project has been - wonderful job by everyone involved!

    1. Thank you in everyone's name, Dawn! I can't wait to hear what our friend will say.

    2. Yes, I would be anxious to know too; hope you hear soon!