Beaded gifts

The last few weeks I have been preparing posts and making things for the advent calendar which I will be doing on this blog once again. Can you believe it's December soon?

I would have liked to keep these little boxes for one of the calendar posts, but need them for a showcase soon, so I'm not going to hide them from you.
Originally I wanted to take pictures of my Topper dolls bringing gifts, but they kept toppling over (no pun intended) because the boxes are too small for them to hold them with both hands - the hands are too far apart - and a little too heavy if I let them dangle from one of their hands. They finally refused to try another time ;-)

These little boxes will get jump rings, so they can be worn as pendants, but also be attached to a real size gift or put on a Christmas tree as ornament.

They are beaded from Delica beads, two of the ribbons are from seed beads and I added little drop beads for embellishment.

This one from seed beads was the first one I made, very Christmassy with the green and gold, don't you think?


  1. This is such a clever idea! And beautifully executed. I love it!


    1. Thank you, Michelle! They made me happy, probably because of the colors. I almost put something inside. Maybe I should do that if I make more, it would be like a little secret.