Pirates of Swabia

I never heard of it before, but we must have pirates around here ;-)
How else would you explain this piece that is obviously a kind of pirate medaillon?
Okay, you caught me. This is my latest pendant. I have had the idea of combing a beaded component with bead embroidery for a few days, and I wanted to add one my crystal skulls to it.

After several failed attempts or experiments with size, colors, thread tension (I found out that I have trouble with the thread tension when being tense myself *eyeroll*) etc., things finally moved into the right direction.
I beaded a ring, attached it to the backing and added the skull in the center. Then I randomly filled the empty space in the center with differently sized and colored seed beads and sewed the edge of the beaded ring to the backing using purple coated hematite beads for just a touch of color.
Using varying techniques to create more than one level is giving the pendant more depth, I think.
As the colors are all quite dark, I chose silver for the edging and bail to lighten the look up a bit.

It may be worth to see how it looks if the colors are completely different. Now I wish I had got some golden skulls, so I could make a few "gold coins"! ;-)

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