The beach is calling

Our bi-monthly challenge mistress at the Jewelry Artisans Community has been messing with our minds. The challenge is bi-monthly, by the way, not the mistress. See how my mind is already messed up?? ;-)
Let me try this again. Every two months we have a theme challenge at JAC and the good lady chose matching earrings. Great. We all know that matching earrings can be very hit and miss for me. Nevertheless I made some, only to find that she had changed the theme to beach to make it easier for us busy people. Serves me right for skipping that one post.

Beach, beach, beach, there was the beach in Wales we never found despite the signs (I still think they were fake and just meant to lure me into a field full of cows). The only beach I really remember was the one near Bodega Bay. Such a long time ago that I was there the last time, more than 20 years!
Seagulls, weird stuff on the sand - probably algae and remains of jellyfish - sand dollars, other birds and shells ... I knew it would be shells.
Shells are so easy to use in jewelry and I had a bunch of bigger ones that I had been gifted by a co-worker. I have netted shells and crocheted around them with wire, I made them from polymer clay, but you may have noticed, I'm having a lot of fun with bead embroidery lately. Sorry if it gets boring, guys.

The hardest part was to choose one of the shells, and once I had glued it onto the backing, the next hardest part was to decide what to do with it now. Actually I thought it was pretty without adding too much to it, and as luck had it, I happened to have the perfect beads to make a bezel in the colors of the shell itself. For a moment I was tempted to just leave it like that, but then added one single row of bronze metallic beads for contrast.
Now it needed a few pearls. I know, I know, that's not original at all, but shells just scream for pearls.
My first idea was to add one row, but then my dangle addiction raised its omnipresent head and I couldn't stop myself from making a little fringe in the center.

The last decision to make was the chain. I thought about a bail, hidden or not, two bails, chain, cord, everything I didn't have, so I ordered beads for a simple beaded rope.
Voilà, here we go!
Do you think it will please the challenge mistress?


  1. Getting all the projects done early! Show off. (mutter mutter...) I love this necklace. It makes me want to go to the beach!

    1. Well, you do know how organized I am! /irony off
      Thank you.
      Fashionista that I am (not), I can imagine this being worn with something flowing, a kaftan or a sarong.

      Now I need to make stuff from all the other shells, too *lol*
      Actually I have been working on this because I got stuck at my latest doll outfit where I'm getting to the difficult parts now.

  2. Oh yes, I'm so very pleased! More than pleased, actually I'm ecstatic! Cat, I mentioned before that the inside of the shells reminds me of a vortex; every time I look at it, I can feel myself being drawn in. Love it!

    Oh, and sorry about throwing you for a loop with the matching earrings!

    1. I'm gonna get you for this, Dawn! *lol*
      Just kidding, I need more earring practice if you only to practice my patience!

      I'm very glad that you are pleased :-D