The HeatherCat shoes - Part 2, Biskit's Bum (ft. Hannah Needle)

For those who missed the first part - which you can find here - and those who don't know the HeatherCats yet, here's a little explanation.
"Heather is a friend of mine, a painter from New Zealand. I met her on deviantART and got to know the Essencestudios. I couldn't even tell you in what group it was, but among her talents Heather has a talent for bright, whimsical paintings, many of which are cats, so how could I not be fascinated the moment I saw the first one?" This is from the first blog post I wrote about the HeatherCats and in which you will find the whole story how it started.

For the second side of the first shoe I chose another favorite of mine among her paintings, Biskit's Bum.
Here's the original painting.

What makes this one even more special is that Biskit was Heather's own cat who lived to be over 20 years old ❤️ ...

If you compare this to the Lazy Cat, you see that there's less detail, therefore I thought it would be quicker to do, but maybe that and the fact that I broke even more needles than the last time wasn't that good for motivation. I'm not a master at repetitive patterns.

I didn't give up, however, so one shoe is finished now, yay!
It was too dark already, I had to take the picture with flash which obviously changes the colors a bit. If I can get a better picture tomorrow, I'll add it to the post.

Last but not least let me introduce you to Hannah Needle, my employee of the month. She was at my side through the hardest part of the shoe, literally speaking, towards the heel. She had to give up four beads before the shoe was done. Her sacrifice will not be forgotten.


  1. So cute and just beautiful! Poor Hannah!

    1. Thank you, Michelle!

      Yes, I have to admit that I never quite managed to mangle a needle like THAT before!

  2. Cat, I've told you before how in awe I am of your wonderful shoe project. I just have to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing the shoe next to the original painting - now I'm even more in awe!

    I always enjoy your beaded Heather Cats; You and Heather are a fantastic collaboration team!

    1. Thank you so much, Dawn!
      I'll need a little break before I can start the second shoe, I'm not as young as I used to be! ;-)

  3. P.S. It's pretty darn cool to see a photo of Biskit, who was the inspiration for this painting!

  4. Beautiful bead work with cats as the main subject.