Holiday jewelry and decorations

Happy Hallowe'en!
If you have read this blog in fall before, you know that I love Hallowe'en even though I'm sure the sweets I have prepared this year will end up on my hips which can't afford it. I didn't get much because visits are scarce even in normal years and 2020 is definitely not a normal year.

What I really want to talk about, however, is the blog carnival topic at the Jewelry Artisans Community.
"Do you make holiday jewelry?"
That's something I can reply to with a big YES. I love making holiday jewelry or decorations! As a matter of fact, my shop has got its own little category for that. Pumpkins, vampires, black cats, but also Santa Cats and Christmas baubles are usually irresistible for me to make, and of course there are my Easter eggs as well.
These are just a few examples.

This year, I have to admit, I haven't made anything related to a holiday. Due to the shipping restrictions which had lasted months, I hardly even made any jewelry at all, but concentrated on some big personal projects instead none of which has anything to do with holidays.
I have to be in the right mood, it helps if I'm watching something creepy or listening to Christmas carols (why I love the traditional ones so much, I can't tell you, but they make me feel warm and fuzzy inside), and I have to feel it.

Maybe that was the reason why I struggled so much with the JAC September/October challenge although I had only planned a very small ring. I won't even tell you how often I ripped this up completely or in parts.
This one was a challenge for sure, but my friend cheered me on, so I can say that I made at least one Hallowe'en piece just in time. The ring is based on one of my first own looming patterns, the "I vant to bite you" bracelet and choker.
I chose an off-white for the background to symbolize the vampire's pale skin, a mix of silver lined red and dark orange for the full mouth and a light white lined red for the drop of blood.

Who knows, maybe this will motivate me to get ready for Christmas after all!
And yes, I know, the American Thanksgiving is in November, but we don't celebrate our Thanksgiving in this way, so there won't be any turkey jewelry ... ;-)

Let's see what other JAC members have to tell!

Jewelry Art by Dawn


  1. What a treat (no tricks here!) to see all of your holiday jewelry together like this, Cat. It's been so fun to slowly scroll down and admire all of it. I especially like the winged cat and the little bottle with the reindeer flying across the sky.

    And, of course, your spiked Christmas balls and your Easter eggs are longtime favorites of mine.

    It's always good to have friends cheering us on when we need a bit of cheering or someone in our corner. Glad that helped out!

    Thank you, for helping me get my morning off to a good start today!

    1. Thank you, Dawn, also for the help!

      I'm glad you like my little selection.

  2. I love these pieces, Cat! There is something about Halloween that is so whimsical and fun. I love that spiked Christmas ornament. It sends some interesting messages - a Viking Christmas?

    1. Thank you, Michelle :-)
      I wanted to celebrate Hallowe'en ever since I first read about it in Mary Poppins, I felt very deprived not to live in a country that really celebrates it.

      I compare my spike baubles, no matter if it's the really small or the bigger ones, to maces, but I never thought of Vikings, but knights.
      This is the biggest one I made, it always reminded me of a weird kind of puffer fish! *lol*