Tackle that stash - Two bead Herringbone bracelets

I have been working on two bigger projects lately which I will post about once they are finished. You can see WIP pictures of one project - beaded shoes - on my Facebook page.
In between big projects I need smaller ones for distraction and especially for rather instant gratification.

I still have a bunch of seed and small bugle beads in my stash some of which I won, got for a gift or bought with some stuff in destashes. I hadn't found a good use for them in what I do, mostly because I would have to buy more beads to compliment them, but after I found the two bead Herringbone spiral tutorial video that I have mentioned before, I thought they would make nice little girl bracelets.

These are the ones I have made so far. Each bracelet has two different strands. I hope the girls at the daycare center will like them even if I don't have any more pink beads!

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