Tackle that stash - Butterfly necklace

Yesterday I found a little butterfly body in one of my wire tins where I keep wire ends that I want to use for jumprings, headpins etc.
It looked so sad without wings, so after a while of not making jewelry anymore it was time I sat down and gave it some. The hardest part was to decide how to fill the wings. On the last butterfly I used a lot of crystals, but I wanted to give this one's wings a more delicate look, so some of tiny blue agate and amethyst beads from my stash seemed like the right choice.
Only afterwards I noticed that the colors had been vaguely inspired by those of the male common blue butterfly. It's a pity I hadn't seen that before, so I could have made the lower wing pair bigger and maybe added some blue to the body as well.
I still think, however, that it's cute :-)