Tackle that stash - Magnesite drop pendant

This must have been one of my favorite stash tacklers lately. The reason? Not only did I manage to use a whole magnesite bead from my nine hundred magnesite baggies (yes, I may exaggerate just a little here), but I found the perfect one right away.
You may wonder what is so perfect about a simple drop bead. Actually this started quite a while ago. I don't even remember what I had started making this setting for, but it didn't work out. Too small, too big, a cab that was too slippery maybe? I kept the setting, though, to rip it up eventually, so I could use the wire again. Somehow I never did, though. It ended up in a little compartment of one of my storage boxes where I collect small wire leftovers for jump rings etc.

Today I went for my magnesite beads because I knew there were some hearts in there and I wanted to use one for a challenge. Then when I was looking for a headpin as well, I found that setting hanging around with no purpose. Not any longer, however. I remembered a drop bead in that baggie that might just work, and it did. Perfectly. The size was just right.
I wish things would work out like that more often!


3chicchix said...

Now THAT'S Serindipity at its best!! Your wire weave is tight and looks good, love the spiral wrap over the front portion. I have a big stash of white magnesite chips that I need to find use for. I have had success in dyeing some magnesite too.

Cat said...

Mine were from a surprise parcel, I will never be able to use them all!

Shirlee Fassell said...

Perfect! Looks like you made it just for this piece.

Cat said...

Thank you, Shirlee!
It's so nice to see things come together, even such small ones ^^