Random Saturday - Vinyl

I'm a dinosaur, that's no secret. I don't stream, I watch DVDs. I don't own a smartphone, but a mobile phone that turns eleven in June, and I don't use Wi-Fi at home even though I have a notebook. Alexa - no, no, no chance! I still have my video recorder although I have to admit I haven't used that one in a long time, I have a record player and my old collection of vinyl records. My CD player has two tape decks, maybe trying out my old tapes will be another Saturday post eventually ;-) I still own a CD shelf and I actually do buy new CDs every, now and then.

For example I got myself a four CD collection of Sam Cooke songs from 1957 to 1960 which I am listening to at this very moment.
Don't get me wrong, I like my computer and the possibilities that come with it, but I like even better if I can choose what possibilities I'm going to make use of. Instead of writing my to-do lists and more with the computer for example, I have gone back to mostly write with my fountain pen at home (recycling old bills etc. for it) and enjoying it although I suck at refilling and get purple ink spots on my fingers ... well, and sometimes on my desk, but that's okay, it's an old dinosaur just like me.

I'm easy to amuse with some things, for example it made me smile to see the Sam Cooke CDs are made up to look like small vinyl records and underneath the CD there is even "... a word about HIGH FIDELITY" telling me how to care for my records, and never forget "... use a good needle - one that is the correct size and not worn. Diamond needles are most durable and cost less in the long run." ;-)
Isn't that cute?



  1. Lordy, I miss music. I'm with you on the techie things. Took me many years to agree to get a cell phone. My TV is lover 10 years old now. I am always slow to use program features on computers, phones, etc. We used to say that these things were time saving. Ha! These things have saved time that we use for other things that take time and we are exhausted.

    1. I think there can be a "too much" for things and for progress. Why is it so many people try to slow down because they feel they are gobbled up by the world? Always having to be present and available, always being up-to-date, so much information, no time to breathe!