Tackle that stash - Snake ring

I'm still wire weaving. When I found this light bluish-greenish cabochon in one of my mysterious tins where I keep wire and extremely hopeless WIPs, all I wanted to do was make a simple pendant with it.
Before I had tried making it into the background for a willow tree with dagger beads as the branches, but as I didn't even like it after the third attempt, it just ended up in the tin.

Today I set it free from its crochet bezel and started weaving in a mix of light gold and silver. Pretty soon I decided it would be a nice ring. Then when I wanted to deal with the wire ends sticking out in all directions, I thought it would be fun to have some of them run over the stone.

That's when Sallah whispered into my ear "Asps ... very dangerous. You go first." Not for real of course, I didn't watch Raiders of The Lost Ark at that moment (follow the link if you don't know what I am talking about ;-)).
You might not see a snake moving over the stone, but I do now.


  1. Oh, this one is looking good!!!!!
    Very Nice!! :)

    1. Thank you!
      Sooner or later I will have to make a "planned" one.