Let's have a look ...

More than four years ago I kicked off my Monday thread series about other artisans and artists in an interview with my friend Dawn. Unfortunately I have shared very few pictures of her work back then and of course over time some things have changed. For example I own another beautiful pendant Dawn hand painted of my Queen Mephista after I had lost her much too early (if you want to know more, have a look here). Dawn is retired and among other things she and her husband have been travelling.

One of their trips took them to an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, the Elephant Nature Park, about which she is telling us on her blog.
Dawn had impressed members of our old jewelry forum before with an elephant bangle. In an older Oldies but Goodies post I pointed out what a pity it was that the long WIP thread about this amazing bangle had been lost when the forum broke down.
I can still share these pictures, though.

There is more elephant jewelry in Dawn's shop and 15% of the proceeds go to the Elephant Nature Park!
I'm sure there will be more soon - or how about asking Dawn to make something for you?

Hand painted elephant necklace

Elephant ring

Hill Tribe silver elephant earrings

Enough talk from me. Just enjoy a few more pictures, have a good start into your week and don't forget to visit Dawn's shop!

Hand painted Scorpio necklace

Netted jasper necklace

Wire caged paper bead earrings

Braided Celtic style bracelet

Hand painted black and white butterfly necklace

Amethyst crystal necklace

Hand painted whale tail necklace

Leaping trout ring

P.S. I don't gain anything from these posts, I am only sharing what I love. Just making that clear ;-)


  1. Dawn's work is always beautiful. I remember the thread about the elephant bangle; I visited it frequently to see the updates.

    1. We all did. I think it was the longest thread we had.

  2. WOW, Cat! What a beautiful surprise to start my day - thank you so much!!!

    Even though the WIP thread about the bangle was lost, I still have all of my photos and plan to do a series about the bangle on my blog; I just need to take the time to sit down and get to it.

    And, you've reminded me that I also need to get busy and make more elephant jewelry to benefit the Elephant Nature Park. With over 1200 photos from our day at the sanctuary, I have plenty of material for new miniature paintings!

    Thanks again, Cat, this is awesome!

    1. Get painting, Dawn! :-D

      You are very welcome.