Oldies but Goodies - Happy

Always look on the bright side. Easily said, not always that easily done. What is happiness? No worries, I'm not going to get all psychological on you. Let's just say that happiness can be in small or big things.
I'm happy when Greebo snuggles up against me in my arm and puts his little head on my shoulder. I'm happy when I wake up at 5 am and then realize it's Saturday and I can go back to sleep. I'm happy when I get a new DVD box in the mail and I'm happy when I have finished a piece of jewelry that I really like.
Ah, you noticed what I did there, didn't you?
Of course this was the bridge to this week's Jewelry Artisans Community Oldies but Goodies Challenge.
These are pieces that made our members happy and maybe they will make you smile, too. We sure do need more smiles these days.

1 and 6 RioRita
2 and 9 Jewelry Art by Dawn
3 and 7 MC Stoneworks
4 and 5 Cat's Wire
8 and 10 Violetmoon's Corner


  1. I loved seeing all the happy colours from this weeks entries!