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Almost exactly six years ago I decided to post a weekly movie or TV quote and started it off with a quote from this movie.
This movie that I went to with my sister, an evening I'll never forget. I honestly don't think I have ever heard anything like that before or afterwards when watching a movie. That theater was filled with people who choked up from laughing. It's a sheer miracle we even heard what was going on. There was thigh slapping, shrieks and people crying from laughter.
Maybe it was because we all had the same kind of humor. Maybe all of us were in the same mood. Maybe we were ready to be entertained and just got into the flow together. Whatever it was, it was a great experience.
While I'm not in danger of dying anymore when watching this movie for the umpteenth time, I still enjoy it immensely.

Like in the scene when Wanda who is part of a gang that robbed a diamond dealer tries to seduce her boyfriend's and gang boss' barrister Archie to find out where her boyfriend whom she and her secret lover Otto whom she officially sells as her brother ratted out on has hidden the loot *taking a deep breath* Did you get all of that?
Wanda and Otto are American, by the way, and Archie is quite the British cliché.
Now Archie and Wanda are on the bed. There's a noise.

Archie: What was that?
Wanda: What?
Archie: Your brother didn't bring you here this time, did he?
Wanda: No.
Archie: He's no idea?
Wanda (chuckling): He doesn't have a clue.
Archie: What?
Wanda: He is so dumb.
Archie: Really?
Wanda: He thought that the Gettysburg Address was where Lincoln lived.
Both are breaking out in laughter.
Archie: Oh, those terrible lies he told about the CIA! So painful!
Wanda: And when he heard your daughter's name was Portia ...
Archie: Yeah?
Wanda: He said 'Why did they name her after a car?'
Again they are breaking out in laughter. 
Wanda: I love the way you laugh.
Archie: I love you. You're funny. Mmm. How come a girl as ... bright as you could have a brother who's so ...
Otto comes up in the back.
Otto: Don't call me stupid.

This shows one way to get an apology out of someone. I don't recommend you trying it, though.

A Fish Called Wanda, USA/UK, 1988

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