Oldies but Goodies - Wild horses

I have never been one of those horse crazy girls. I owned one horse book that used to belong to my godmother. I didn't hang out at the stables like many of the other girls at school.
On the rare occasions friends dragged me to the stables I tried not to get too near to any horses, and I'll never forget the time when I was handed a rein - against my will, mind you - that came attached to the biggest horse I had ever seen to "just hold him for a second, will you?" followed by another girl telling me how brave I was because she wouldn't want to hold "Wanderer". You can tell my trauma by the fact that I still remember his name. He was nice enough to let me live.
I never felt the slightest urge to ride, and if it weren't such an embarrassing picture, I'd show you the shot a friend took after she and her friend forced me to sit on a horse, a shot I call "Two butts" and that shows quite well that I'm not born to be a horsewoman.
Nevertheless I think horses are beautiful and horse jewelry absolutely makes sense to me.

This has been the most difficult Oldies but Goodies Challenge at JAC so far. I remember that in the old days of JAC's predecessor forum there were several members who made horse related jewelry. They worked with horseshoe nails, made horseshoe designs, I remember cowboy hats and boots and of course horses.
Nowadays we are struggling a little with that theme, so much in fact that only two of our members were able to submit something, our patina queen and our painter of miniatures. They graciously allowed me to smuggle in my unicorn ;-) but they are the stars of this challenge.

1 and 5 Jewelry Art by Dawn
2 and 3 MC Stoneworks
4 Cat's Wire


  1. Cat, for a non-horsey girl, you sure know how to put together a purty photo collage. Love it!