Tackle that stash - Beaded spring flower necklace

So I have been a little flower crazy lately. I made earrings, a pendant, experimented with more petals, ripped up said experiment. Sorry, guys, I'm afraid this hasn't been the end yet.
Not even today's stash tackler has been the end.
First of all let me tell you the story of this seed bead stash. I have won these beads in a contest. They are seed beads of different colors and sizes. My problem were - the different colors and sizes. I don't work in opaque colors much. I didn't have enough beads of the same size for using them together in a nicely patterned loomed piece and off loom beading is not high on my list. A whole cup of transparent green size 15 seed beads? What on Earth could I make with them?

Over the years I used some of them in wire crochet and knit projects. The others I kept looking at, desperately waiting of a sign from the beady gods.
Once again a rope did the trick. A beaded rope would use up those tiny green beads very nicely, and then I could decide what to do with it. Herringbone. Herringbone spiral. When this was finally done, the flower idea jumped to mind.
One flower, two flowers, speckled flowers. How many flowers, though? After all my choice of color was limited. Leaves. Leaves and vines.
And last but not least ... hm ... a beaded butterfly? Wouldn't that be too much? And what colors? No butterfly, but .... hey wait, why didn't think of that right away? Perfect. A rotund, happy, cute as can be lampwork bee by Izzybeads.

A closer look.

An extra bonus was that this necklace qualifies for the JAC April challenge "Spring has sprung".
The necklace is not available yet because I am still waiting for some findings, but you can tell me how you like it, anyway ;-)

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