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Years ago my little brother stopped reading my blog. In fact all he had ever looked at was the quote of the week, but on April 10, 2011 he stopped altogether. Why, you want to know?
It was the first time (not the last) that I didn't have a quote ready "due to absolute emptiness of my brain".
April 10 happens to be my brother's birthday, and he thought this called for one of THE biggest movie quotes (and one of those that get quoted wrong the most) ever from one of his very favorite movies. My feeble (but true) excuse that I wanted to save this one for a special occasion didn't go down well. How could it? Of course he thought his birthday was a special occasion.
Today's post is in your honor, little brother. You have waited long enough. Happy birthday and here it goes.

Chief Brody (ha, that gave it away already, didn't it?) who is not comfortable on all on boats is throwing fish parts out into the sea as bait when the big white shark they are after comes out of the water ...

Brody (backing up into the cabin in shock):
You're gonna need a bigger boat.

Jaws, USA, 1975

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