Tackle that stash - Wire knit eggs with seed beads

Why does my brain come up with these things in the last minute? I doubt I will ever know.
Today's stash tackler is about gifts. Wouldn't it be nice to make some wire knit eggs for the neighbors? Maybe with seed beads? I could use those deco eggs and knit around them like I did around the Christmas baubles. Oh, these eggs actually do look rather nice. The matte surface makes them look a little like real eggs, even more so if you see them through their extra wire shells.

Three eggs down and my wrists hurt. Just as much as I doubt I will know why my brain does that to me, though, I doubt it (and I) will ever learn from it.
The seed beads were a gift a few years ago. They were too irregular to use them in a design before, but the pastel and pearly colors are so perfect here. I love when things finally come together.


  1. I just adore these eggs, did you use a filling for them to keep the shape?

  2. Thank you :-)
    Yes, as I said in the post I used deco eggs. I found matte ones instead of those tacky looking plastic ones. They are in different pastel colors and white and work great for this!