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Have you heard of Clara Rockmore? Chances are good you have. After all there was an interactive Google Doodle in her honor not even two weeks ago. Now I could say that I knew her before that, but that would be a lie. So yes, like probably millions of others I looked her up.
After she had to give up her violin career, Clara Rockmore became a virtuoso performer on the theremin, an electronic instrument invented early in the 20th century by Russian physicist Léon Theremin.
Today's post is in honor of them.

After Sheldon gets fired from a project his three friends are working on, he sets up his theremin and starts playing.

Leonard: "What are you doing?"
Sheldon: "Playing the theremin."
Leonard: "No, I mean what are you doing with a theremin?"
Sheldon: "Playing it. I've loved the theremin from the first moment I've heard the original Star Trek theme. And it's been killing me that it just sits in my closet gathering dust."
He's playing again and the sound makes the others roll their eyes.
Leonard: "Sheldon, we're working here."
Sheldon: "That's all right. I can barely hear you over my theremin."

That's when Leonard pulls the plug and throws Sheldon and his theremin out of the apartment. Doesn't look like he's going to be another Clara Rockmore ;-)

The Big Bang Theory, USA, 2007 -

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