Tackle that stash - Native Copper and Porcelain Jasper

More than once I told you about the cabs in my little drawer.
Now I am determined, though. I am so determined that I promise I will only use cabs from my stash in the next few weeks. Maybe I shouldn't make promises, but I am willing for sure.

Take a look at this. Not one cab, but two!

Native copper has pure copper in a stone matrix. Can you see the little specks?
Of course it made sense to use copper wire with this, but I didn't want to make another pendant. Instead I came up with this wire knit and crochet bracelet. And guess what, I used up those brown seed beads (that you might remember from last week) now.
I don't know what you see, but I'm almost reminded of a little (asymmetrical) crab here ;-)

Porcelain jasper is such a wonderful stone. I have more than one and I keep sitting on it like a dragon on his hoard. I have always been partial to black and grey and I love this pattern.
Don't you think the pearls are just perfect with it?


  1. Love your bracelet, but the stone from the pendant .................. *love*

    1. The pattern has a bit of a 50s/60s vibe to me. Do you remember old curtains from the time, except they were more colorful? :-D