Tackle that stash - Digging into those seed beads!

It's my sister's fault or maybe it's the fault of the girls at her workplace.
Some of them have found the way to beading. In a future post I will show you a few of their pieces. When sis had the idea that my Francie had to wear a daisy chain headband, I had to look up the stitch. I passed it on to her, she passed it on to the girls and they started making daisy chains.
When I made Herringbone bracelets and necklaces with Twin Beads to use up some of my stash, I passed it on to her, she passed it on to the girls - and more, but as I said already that will be topic of another post - and they made Twin Bead bracelets.

I guess it was a natural consequence that we had to branch out. Me and off loom stitching? Unbelievable.
While my sister explored the St. Petersburg stitch, I started with RAW, the right angle weave.
I used crystals, seed beads, cube beads and varied the number of beads between my accent beads.

Together with the Daydreamer rope bangles after a design by Jill Wiseman I used up tons of my Czech seed bead stash.
The bangles are great for stacking in these bright colors, by the way!

What do you think which stitch I should be trying to learn next?

P.S. The first bracelet is in my DaWanda shop, the others are still waiting for their photoshoot.


  1. Wow, who would have thought, Cat going off loom. :)

    Looks as if you like it, think of all the possibilities and all the patterns/techniques you now can explore! ;)

    1. To be honest I still feel this is not really me and I don't get the same feeling from doing it (yet?), so don't expect too much ;-)