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I don't go to class reunions. I was there once and it didn't really do anything for me. I do like the idea of meeting only a few special people from back then, though.
Gary "The King" King has convinced his gang from the old school days to come back to their hometown with him and have an epic pub tour which they hadn't been able to complete when they were fresh out of school. Reluctantly they follow him into the adventure and get into his old Ford Grenada, "The Beast".

Gary: And we're back. Just like the Five Musketeers.
Steve: Three Musketeers, innit?
Pete: Four if you count D'Artagnan.
Gary: Well, nobody knows how many there were really, do they, Pete? I mean, history's a sketchbook.
Oliver: You do know that The Three Musketeers is a fiction, right? Written by Alexandre Dumas?
Gary: A lot of people are saying that about the Bible these days.
Steve: What, that it was written by Alexandre Dumas?
Oliver chuckles.
Gary: Don't be daft, Steve, it was written by Jesus.
Steve (sarcastic): Oh.
Gary: Anyway, five sounds much better. I think they missed a trick having only three. 'Cause you'd have five, then two could've died and they'd still have three left.
Andy (annoyed): Are we there yet?
Gary (yelling): Let's do this!!!

The World's End, UK/USA/Japan, 2013

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