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Someone on IMDb called this movie "comfort food" and that's just what it is. It is hilariously silly, nonsensical and to this day I tell people if I paid something for them "I want my two dollars!" which is really a quote in itself, but not the one I chose for today.

Lane is a typical teenager. He drives an old car, he's trying to get by, be one of the popular kids, and goes out with his girlfriend Beth. His enemies on the road are two guys who not only drive a faster car, but one of which also likes to announce this over big speakers on their car roof, talking like Howard Cosell.

Then Lane gets dumped by Beth and is devastated. He's on his way home when the two pull up next to him.

"Truly a sight to behold. A man, beaten. The once great champ, now a study in moppishness. No longer the victory-hungry stallion we've raced so many times before, but a pathetic, washed-up, aged ex-champion."
Lane puts his (slightly eccentric) racing gear on, yells "All right, let's go!"  ... and drives right into the car in front of him. If only he knew that is just the beginning ...

Better Off Dead, USA, 1985

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