Give me a pair of lampwork beads ...

... and I'll make you a pair of earrings. Give a whole bunch of artists a pair of lampwork beads each, you'll get some very different earrings.
That's what we found out when we had the lampwork earring challenge at the Jewelry Artisans Community.
Our very own Nicole from N Valentine Studio generously donated the lampwork beads which arrived in an incredibly short time, even from Canada to Germany and the UK!

And here's what we did with them.

Caroline, our Crafty Chimp, says she doesn't prefer her earrings to be too fancy. Nothing like a pair of danglies is what I say!

Our next member to finish her earrings was Michele from MCStoneworks. One of Michele's specialties is to use patinas on her beautiful pieces. To pick up the yellow from the beads, she turned the birdies yellow, too!

I started to get nervous, so I put in an extra shift ;-) I'll show you mine at the end, though.

Dawn from Jewelry Art by Dawn loved how there was blue on both sides of the beads, so she decided to try something else and turned them sideways. She also found the perfect matching lapis beads to go with them.

We are still waiting for two more members to post their earrings, but we don't want to be impatient. Do we? DO WE???
Nah, we are not pushy and I'll make sure that you get to see what they made, too.

And last, but hopefully not least these are my earrings.
I settled for fall colors and crocheted hoops from brown copper wire with a mix of seed beads.

If you are game, you'll find the whole thread about the challenge here. We'd be happy to welcome you in our community and if you are a jewelry artisan yourself, why don't you share your work with us?


  1. It's interesting how everyone did something different, yet they are all gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful! The challenge has been fun. A big thanks to Nicole for donating the beautiful lampwork beads for us to use.

  3. I love all the different designs that our challenge participants came up with - no two are even remotely close to alike.

    Thank you for the beads, Nicole!

    1. Yes, it shows that creativity has no bounds!