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Sean and Claudia, an Irish-Italian couple who had to get married at an early age, lead a conventional life with their three kids in their house on Staten Island. Do they really?
Today's quote is from the time when Eddie, Sean's brother, who has loads of dark secrets decides to put up a yard sale ... at Sean's house.

Claudia's coming into the house holding a toaster.

Eddie: Ah Claudia, I see you're interested in the toaster.
Claudia: Yes, Eddie, I'm interested in the toaster because the toaster is mine!
Eddie: How often do you actually use that thing??
Claudia: Still got my toast in it!!

Little does she know that she'll have to run after her porch swing in a little while to buy it back ... 

Grounded For Life, USA, 2001 - 2005

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