Wrap yourself with beads

I haven't told you about my new work for a while. Did you enjoy the break? Well, it's over. I haven't been lazy the last months, bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, you name it, I made it.
For example I worked a lot with faux amber after getting a bag with cabochons, the colors are so lovely and the shapes quite different.

Tonight I want to show something else, however. It's not in my shop yet because I'll need to try and take some better pictures, preferably not at night.
I've had this spool of gunmetal colored copper wire standing around for a while, filled up with a load of Miyuki glass triangle beads, you know the ones that sparkle so mysteriously in the light. I think there are five different colors in there, from a berry color to a black lined brown which makes for a very earthy mix.

So I went to work and knitted and knitted and knitted, determined to use all the beads on that spool, and here's the result - a bead scarf! It's not too heavy - I have held stone necklaces that were much heavier - it's amazingly comfortable and you can wear it different ways. Depending on your size you can even wear it as a belt!
I still have another spool full of beads ..........


  1. Oh how pretty this is! and so unique! just lovely

  2. Wow that is one gorgeous accessory! What a great idea. :)

    1. Thank you, Debbie ... now I'm dreaming of making one in silver and semi precious stones *sigh*