Quote of the week

Have you been waiting for this? Have you missed my weekly quotes? Come on, humor me! ;-)

Today I brought a new friend with me. He doesn't know I want him to be my friend and actually he already left the planet, but I would have loved to go for a drink with him. Oh, it also might have been a problem that he's a CGI character.
Meet Paul.

Two English guys - Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as nerdy science fiction writer/illustrator team - fulfil one of their dreams. They go to Comic-Con and afterwards they want to go on the ultimate road trip to see the wonders of the USA, the infamous "Black Mailbox" (that I had never heard about before), the landscape around Area 51, you get the idea. They have no clue what is about to happen to them.
Again - meet Paul.

Paul has spent the last 60 years as guest on the military base after his spaceship crashed, at least that's what he thought. He gave Spielberg his idea for E.T., he invented Agent Mulder, he made friends. Then he finds out he has really been a prisoner and that now that the military has heard it all from him, they want more, so he escapes. That's how he meets Graeme (Pegg) and Clive (Frost) and they are in for the ride of their lifetime.

One of the funniest scenes in my opinion is shortly after they picked up Paul who crashed yet another vehicle, this time a car.
Clive is not happy and Paul leaves him alone with Graeme, so they can talk.

Graeme: What's the matter, Clive?
Clive: There is an alien in the kitchenette, making bagels and coffee.
Graeme: Did you want tea?
Clive: No, I don't want tea!
Graeme: Right, because tea is weird in America. They, they leave the bag in.

Spot on, Graeme, I think you nailed the problem! ;-)

And a special bonus quote for my friend Iain: "Oooh, Marmite!"

One other thing. Jason Bateman is so hot in this movie *happy sigh*

P.S. "Who the hell is Adam Shadowchild?"


  1. Yeah, I remember watching that one, it was actually quite funny! a little bit like American Dad, just without the Dad. and all the others. Ok, I'll shut up. But I must say that the other day my VERY English boyfriend served me a Yorkshire tea and forgot the bag in the cup- I was really cheesed :D

    1. Well, I liked Paul a lot more than Roger. Roger is creepy, Paul is rude, but I'd still want to take that drink with him.
      Oh no ... what did he do to make up for this unforgivable mistake?!