Wire knit and wire crochet

When I posted a picture of one of my wire knit rings, an online friend asked me if it shouldn't be called wire crochet because it's done with a crochet hook.
Thank you, Tina, I think this is the perfect subject to catch up on blogging!

Let me say first that there are different takes on the subject. I know people who call it wire crochet for the tool used, there are people who think it's spool knitting which it actually does look like if it's a rope, but the explanation wouldn't work for flat pieces and I do not use a spool (although I have done so before), there are people who use knitting needles, and lately I have learned that there is something called "knooking" for which a special crochet hook is used.

For me it's in the kind of stitches I do. Yes, I do use an ordinary worn down crochet hook and wire, but in the end it looks knitted, just as if I had used knitting needles.
I have started using the technique beginning of this year, and it's growing more and more as I'm trying out little variations for the setting of the beads in flat pieces for example, but also because it works better on some cab shapes than my wire crochet.

Let me show you the difference between one of my knit and one of my crochet ropes (it's not the same wire gauge and I didn't use the same hook size, but don't let that confuse you, just have a look at the stitches themselves). As you can tell the knit rope uses less wire and therefore works better for putting beads inside for example as you can see them better. The crochet rope is a lot sturdier however, concerning pressure from the outside. Try pressing both ropes between two fingers and you'll see which one will go flat first - hm, maybe don't try it, but just believe me, I know what I'm talking about.
As for speed I would say that I'm quite a bit faster crocheting, but it hurts my hands more.
As always both techniques have their advantages and disadvantages, and it's always a personal thing which one you like better.
I love to use them both and as so often also to combine them. To me they are like siblings, one might say ... and they are both welcome in my studio! ;-)

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