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If you have been following my blog for a while, you know how I feel about aliens. "I want to believe." (I just found my X-files poster, the same that Mulder has in his office ;-)) That's actually easy if you have contact to an alien almost daily *waving to she knows who she is*
Now the question is how do aliens really feel about us and how do they deal with humans?
Let's ask the Solomons. They may seem like an ordinary family - well, ok, they don't. The Solomons are aliens who came to Earth to study everyday human behavior.
There is so much to learn, for example how to make out for the first time ... want to hear what an alien information officer who has been transformed into a human teenage boy has to say about it?

Dick (who is the High Commander): Tell us everything, I want details.
Tommy: Well, at first I was conflicted. You know, we come from very different backgrounds. I'm an alien and she's a Presbyterian. I have a highly developed mind and she's got that big ... pouty mouth. I tell you it was a tough decision.
Sally (a high rank army officer who happened to lose in the drawing and had to take a female body): What tipped the scale?
Tommy: She let me.
Dick: Well, what happened next?
Tommy: Well, I don't know what came over me. They were so big and round and beautiful. I just had to touch them.
Dick: Then what??
Tommy: She screamed 'Ow, my eyes!' - and that just basically killed the mood.
Dick: Damn.

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  1. That brought back some memories! I just loved watching 3rd Rock!