Saturday night musings

What do other people do at - let me check - 11 on a Saturday night?
Hang out in a bar or disco?
Watch a movie in the cinema?
Have dinner at a fancy or not so fancy restaurant?

I bet I know what they don't do.
They don't eat veggie wieners from the package because they didn't have dinner (no pic, there were only a few left and they are gone now).

They don't drink cold chai from a Christmas mug with snowmen on it.

They don't ponder what movie to use for tomorrow's quote post (Peck or not Peck, that is the question).

They don't play lounge chair for the furry master over and over again (wait, that's probably not even that unusual ...)

They don't go through cooking leaflets from the 30s reading potato recipes while listening to a podcast teaching Hindi.

Aaah, I know I'm special. Aren't you glad? Cos that means I'll share an old potato recipe with you now.

0.55 pounds or 250 g boiled and grated potatoes
0.11 pounds or 50 g butter
1 table spoon flour
1 large egg
grated cheese or nutmeg

Make a smooth dough from the ingredients. Form little balls which you boil in salt water and put into your vegetable soup or broth.
(Let me know how they were if you try it!)

P.S. I haven't been all weird today. I also worked on three projects of which I finished one now. And I finally listed this collar. There's hope for me, don't you think?

Wire knit collar with Miyuki glass triangles

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wouldn't those potato balls fall apart if you boil them? Now, if you add some onion and deep fry them...oh, yeah, that's potato pancakes.

    1. I guess the flour and egg will hold them together if you don't turn up the heat too much?
      We don't usually make potato pancakes with onions ... but thanks, no I got a craving for that!! *sigh*

  2. LOL!!! thought I was an odd one on a Saturday night!! Fantastic collar, thats a beauty. Laney x

    1. Maybe the difference is that you are odd on Saturday nights while I am odd. Period.
      Thank you, Laney!