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What is it about old school stories? I don't know, but when I happened to see this movie on TV once, I liked it so much that I not only got the movie, but also the book it's based on.
And why does the music always make me think of Christmas?

Whatever it is, here's today's quote and it doesn't even have all that much to do with school stories. Or does it?

The masters have just sent the boys off to their vacation and meet in the office, ready for their own vacation.
One of them takes a book and asks: "Mind if I borrow this for the train?"
The other: "Go ahead."
First master: "H.G. Wells. Never heard of him."
Second master: "It's his first. He'll never come to anything. He's too fantastic."


P.S. This post is for my (not so) "little" brother. I hope he'll understand why ;-)

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