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It's not new to you. I'm old. I grew up with good old vinyl and tapes. I repaired my tapes using a cute little screwdriver and cursing a lot, I sat in front of the radio listening to the Top Whatever on Sundays, waiting for that one song I was still missing and then I blew up because once again the radio guy talked right into that one song.
I still have my tapes and I have my vinyl records ... and actually we have two record players.

Today we'll go to the record store of Rob Gordon who'll tell us about his five most memorable breakups, women, passion and music.
There we'll also meet his two friends, Dick and Barry.

Rob: "I can't fire them. I hired these guys for three days a week, and they just started showing up every day. That was four years ago."

If you need a flashback to the old days, check out the movie (or the book it was made from). Have fun!

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  1. I love High Fidelity. It's one of my Top 5 favorite movies.